The following is a timeline of events related to the controversy surrounding Excalibur, an anonymous newsletter distributed at Taylor University on February 21, 2018.
A timeline of the Excalibur controversy

  — February —  

February 21, 2018

Early Morning: Anonymous newsletter, Excalibur, distributed on Taylor University campus—at Dining Commons, Boren Student Center, Reade Center, Euler Science Center, and several student residence halls. 


Late Morning: Rumors ensue that the newsletter was targeted to minorities and/or students who defend social justice causes.

February 23, 2018

TU President Lowell Haines addresses TU Community regarding Excalibur with e-mail memo.

February 28, 2018

Publication of Inside Higher Ed article “A Conservative Underground Surfaces at a Christian University.

Taylor University administration pressure creators of Excalibur to reveal their identities.

  — March —  


March 04, 2018

The website Res Publica is launched.  Names of Excalibur board members are revealed on website.  The website includes the article “With Love To Our Critics” in response to Taylor community criticism of Excalibur.  Website is inundated with comments from various perspectives in response to “With Love To Our Critics.”

March 06, 2018
The Res Publica website is taken down in response to recommendation from President Haines.

March 07, 2018

An "Open Letter To The TU Faculty Behind Excalibur" is created.

March 11, 2018
Chronicle-Tribune published story on Excalibur.

March 14, 2018

The alumni open letter is emailed directly to the four members of Excalibur through Taylor University's Alumni & Parent Relations Office. 

March 17, 2018

Open Letter to TU President by TU Alumni Mark Taylor and Stephen Weick (signed by TU alumni and current students).

March 18, 2018

Open Letter Rejoinder to TU Alumni Letter in Defense of Excalibur.

March 21, 2018
Publication of Campus Reform article, “Conservative Paper Pressured into Suspending Publication.

March 26, 2018
Publication of Christianity Today article, “Taylor University Still Shaken by Unsanctioned Conservative Newspaper.

March 27, 2018
Publication of Relevant Magazine article, "A Conservative Campus Newspaper Has Caused a Stir at Taylor University."

Excalibur Issue
Res Publica Board

Gary Ross
  TU Men’s Soccer Head Coach

Richard Smith
  TU Professor of Biblical Studies

James Spiegel
  TU Professor of Philosophy & Religion

Benjamin Wehling
  Project Manager